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NagVis is a visualization addon for the well known network managment system Nagios.

NagVis can be used to visualize Nagios Data, e.g. to display IT processes like a mail system or a network infrastructure.


Stable Releases

NagVis 1.8.5 2015-07-06Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.8.4 2015-06-01Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.8.3 2015-05-06Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.8.2 2015-03-23Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.8.1 2015-03-09TarballbugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.8 2015-02-28Tarballstable releaseChangelog

Testing Releases

NagVis 1.9b19 2017-05-22Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b18 2017-05-04TarballPHP 5.3 bugfixChangelog
NagVis 1.9b17 2017-05-04TarballPHP 5.3 bugfixChangelog
NagVis 1.9b16 2017-04-28Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b15 2017-04-17Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b14 2017-03-15Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b13 2017-03-07Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b12 2017-02-22Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b11 2017-01-11Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b10 2016-11-08Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b9 2016-10-20Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b8 2016-07-14Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b7 2016-05-16Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b6 2016-04-20Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b5 2016-03-21Tarballmajor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b4 2016-01-22Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b3 2015-10-22Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.9b2 2015-08-15Tarballmajor bug fixes, minor featuresChangelog
NagVis 1.9b1 2015-07-09Tarballfirst 1.9 test releaseChangelog

Outdated Releases

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Nightly Builds

The nightly builds are generated every day at 23:23 GMT+1 from current git revisions.

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Development (Git)

We moved our git repository from sourceforge to GitHub on 2015-03-02. The new repository is accessible here: Git Repository

You can clone the repository via HTTPS using:

git clone

Additional Downloads

You are looking for extensions to make your NagVis look even better?Take a look at the NagVis extension platform NagVis Exchange.

NagVis exchange is a platform for the community to share their NagVisaddons like custom Templates, Shapes, Iconsets and Gadgets.