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NagVis is a visualization addon for the well known network managment system Nagios.

NagVis can be used to visualize Nagios Data, e.g. to display IT processes like a mail system or a network infrastructure.


Stable Releases

NagVis 1.7.10 2013-11-20Tarballminor fixesChangelog
NagVis 1.7.9 2013-06-13Tarballminor fixesChangelog
NagVis 1.7.8 2013-04-30Tarballminor fixesChangelog
NagVis 1.7.7 2013-04-02Tarballminor featureChangelog
NagVis 1.7.6 2013-03-01Tarballminor fixes, minor featureChangelog
NagVis 1.7.5 2013-02-05Tarballminor fixesChangelog
NagVis 1.7.4 2013-01-02Tarballmajor fixesChangelog
NagVis 1.7.3 2012-11-09Tarballmajor fixesChangelog
NagVis 1.7.2 2012-10-16Tarballminor fixesChangelog
NagVis 1.7.1 2012-09-21Tarballminor feature, minor fixesChangelog
NagVis 1.7 2012-09-04Tarballfinal 1.7 releaseChangelog

Testing Releases

NagVis 1.8rc3 2015-01-04Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.8rc2 2014-11-28Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.8rc1 2014-11-26Tarballminor bugfixes, usabilityChangelog
NagVis 1.8b7 2014-09-25Tarballminor bugfixes, usabilityChangelog
NagVis 1.8b6 2014-08-12Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.8b5 2014-07-22Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.8b4 2014-05-20Tarballminor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.8b3 2014-03-10Tarballmajor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.8b2 2014-01-10Tarballmajor bugfixesChangelog
NagVis 1.8b1 2013-11-24Tarballfirst 1.8 test releaseChangelog

Outdated Releases

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Nightly Builds

The nightly builds are generated every day at 23:23 GMT+1 from current git revisions.

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You are looking for extensions to make your NagVis look even better?Take a look at the NagVis extension platform NagVis Exchange.

NagVis exchange is a platform for the community to share their NagVisaddons like custom Templates, Shapes, Iconsets and Gadgets.